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The reason why death records like Comal County Death Records are some of the most requested for records from the government lies in the fact that these are the official records of the government in regards to the fact of the death of the person named in the record and because that is the case, these records are afforded the presumption of regularity such that the contents of the records are presumed to be true and Discovering Comal County Death Records accurate at all times. When one takes that into consideration, one can see why these records are being requested for when there is the need to prove the fact of the death of the person named in the record.

Of course, the next question would be why there is a need a prove the fact of the death of the decedent, and the answer to that would be because of the fact that death is something that would change the status of the person who had died, and such change of status binds the whole world. The most important changes would be on the part of the heirs of the Comal County Death Records Retrieval deceased as they would have inherited the properties of the deceased, but the fact of the death is also important on the part of the creditors of the deceased as they would not be able to collect from the deceased anymore, though this does not mean that their credits can no longer be satisfied.

It must be remembered that before there could be succession, there should first be a probate, and the probate can only be done at the proper court which, however, could not take judicial recognition of the fact of the death of the person named in the record. This means that there is first the need to prove the fact of the death of the person and these records are the best way to that. It is also during this probate proceeding that the creditors may ventilate their claims against the deceased so that the estate of the deceased may be made to answer for the obligations that the deceased could no longer pay owing to the fact of his or her death.

Death records are available from both the local or county level and the national or state level sources, though most requests are made at the local level as there are fewer records here that would have to be checked, and this would usually translate to a faster search. Note, however, that the reason why there are fewer records here would be because of the fact that they only keep copies of records for deaths that occurred within their jurisdiction. As for the method of making the request, that would depend upon the office where the request would be made, though it would usually be either through the mail or in person, with both methods having their own attached set of advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration.

It is also possible to find Comal County Vital Records online through the use of online databases. These databases are not official sources, but the information that they could provide would practically be the same as that which could be found from the official sources, though it must be noted that they still do not enjoy the presumption of regularity.