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I watched the primary episode of VH1’s new present, which was an introduction of the 4 Mob Wives. I found it very choppy and fragmented. They change from one woman to a different and from one scene to another and i didn’t suppose it had "flow" which made it hard to comply with. I did the perfect I may trying to make sense of it all without having to look at it again.

Renee Graziano appears very proud of the mob life-style and boasts of the mob’s "code of ethics of honor, respect and loyalty." And she sums it up with, "Loyalty is every part." She goes on to explain that when Sammy Gravano ratted out John Gotti, her father, Anthony Graziano, told her she had to cut all ties and communication with Karen, his daughter. Renee could be very agency on this level concerning Karen. "Her father is a rat and she is his daughter." My drawback with Renee is that she is a hypocrite. She picks and chooses which of her father’s beliefs and wishes she needs to observe. She says she minimize off ties with Karen as a result of Daddy stated so, but she won't respect his needs not to do this VH1 present together with her sister. The truth is, by agreeing to the show, she is disrespecting both of her father’s needs as a result of she is aware of full properly that communication with Karen can be required. So, that leaves me to query, what's her thought of loyalty and respect? Renee’s father and ex-husband, Hector "Junior" Pagan are both in prison, so there may be little they'll do about the show.

Karen Gravano returns to Staten Island for 2 causes: one, to be on the show and two, to put in writing an autobiography of her life. She has left her daughter in Arizona with family, simply in case her participation in the show isn't "safe." I’m not sure what makes her assume that if the "mob" feels she is being disloyal, that Arizona is safe. Karen is aware of her return to S.I. is just not going to go over huge with everybody because of what her father did. Karen’s father, Sammy, can also be in prison. Karen likes to "act" powerful and speak tough, however the whole hour appeared scripted, like she was acting the entire time, and not very effectively I would add. The primary order of business is for Karen to satisfy with Drita. They've some unfinished business from the previous to take care of. I found them surprisingly cordial to each other considering that Karen lived with Drita’s husband for 7 years previous to Drita marrying him. Drita seems to play down her husband’s past with Karen, while Karen appears to harbor some burning resentment just under the floor. When Karen sees a painting at Drita’s home, that she purchased with Lee for his or her condominium, and had hanging in their bedroom, she makes a nasty remark into the digital camera. That tells me that Karen has not quite gotten past this concern.

Carla Facciolo has been buddies with Renee since she was 16. When her husband Joe was arrested for inventory fraud, her reaction was, "Uh, there goes one other one!" She more or less anticipated it as a result of she has lived her entire life watching household go to prison and visiting them there. She virtually brags that when she visited relatives in jail it was like a big reunion. She has twin boys, Joseph and Carmen, who still have no idea that their father, Joe cheap ferragamo Shoes, is in prison.

Drita D’avanzo is Albanian. She is married to Lee D’avanzo, who is also in prison. Lee calls Drita 5 instances a week to put orders for all of his favourite issues. Through the present, Drita will get a call where he orders, among different things, a variety of chilly cuts, sausages, ring dings, and vanilla coke. Drita containers it up for him. I've never heard of an inmate with the ability to order take out and have it delivered to prison. Drita also likes to work out at the gym. She talks powerful and brags about all of the fights she has been in. She is muscular and general, from her language and voice, method of speech and angle, she will not be very feminine.

Drita and Carla seem to like Karen and don’t hold what her father did towards her. So when Carla is planning her "35th" birthday celebration, she and Drita decide it would be a good idea to ask Karen and not point out it to Renee. When the big night arrives, they handle to ensure Renee, who's in "party mode," has several pictures of Patron (tequila). Renee is having fairly an excellent time drinking and being the "center of consideration," as she refers to herself. When she is sweet and drunk, Karen makes her entrance to the occasion, which is effectively underway. Instantly, there is a confrontation between Renee and Karen. Renee just isn't completely happy and wants Karen to go away. Karen refuses. In any case, she didn’t come all the best way from Arizona to S.I. and cheap ferragamo Shoes signal a contract to be in the present, just to show round and return residence. The celebration showdown ends with neither of the 2 girls leaving.

Come to consider it, there isn't any approach Renee didn’t know that Karen was going to be on the show, on the social gathering and involved in all of the drama. Wasn’t that the whole level? There must be conflict to get ratings and keep viewers coming again. Renee’s sister, Jenn, is producing the show and everybody stands to make some huge cash provided that the show is a success and stays on the air. So is Renee actually mad or glad to see Karen? Karen’s father has essentially the most well known status for being the mob rat, and Replica Ferragamo Belt his crimes are a matter of report and documented in his tell all e book, Underboss. Her presence is certain to draw viewers.

Oh, by the best way, I could have sworn Carla mentioned this was her 35th birthday. I thought I remembered her being older than that, so I checked online. Sources say that Carla did in reality have a birthday in January, however she was allegedly born in 1967 which might make her 44 years previous. That is rather more credible to me. Since only photographs might be airbrushed, maybe she is best off sticking to her true age fairly than attempting to shave 9 years off of it?

The show seems to be attempting to illicit some sympathy and compassion for these women, who have been left high and dry while the men in their lives are serving time for their alleged crimes. They are trying to put the items of their lives back collectively as they battle as single mothers. Sniff, sniff. Please move the Kleenex! But, from what I noticed, not one of the women seem to work, however they all have lovely houses and lots of money. Renee had a fistful of money as she ordered drinks at the bar the night time of the celebration. Seems to me like they are still reaping loads of the benefits of being related to the mob.