It Chapter 2's Final Trailer Brings Back Pennywise To Terrorize The Losers

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The very first film, which arrived in 2017, told the tale of the Losers' Club - a group of preteen outcasts in the little town of Derry, Maine who are faced with the unspeakable terror of evil incarnate.

San Diego Comic-Con itself might not have really began until Thursday morning, but New Line and Warner Bros started the party early with their annual ScareDiego festivities, with this year's occasion focused entirely on It Chapter Two” — understandable, contemplating that will likely be simply the greatest horror film of the year, if not ever.

IT Chapter Two brings the characters—who've extended because gone their separate ways—back collectively as adults, nearly 3 decades after the events of the very first film.

A few shots toward the end of the trailer suggest we'll see the much more eldritch horror side of the killer clown as the Losers struggle against him.

It: Chapter 2” also marks the return of director Andy Muschietti, who previously worked with Jessica Chastain on the horror movie Mama.” Muschietti is sticking with Warner Bros.

As mentioned It: Chapter Two will tackle the book's final portion, which is set 27 years later as the group return to Derry as adults.