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Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Cleaning If there is ever a career that needed a scaffolding 2 plank walkway melbourne scaffold tower, this is it! What Are Soffits and Fascias? Right, stick your brain the window and gaze toward the celebrities. Do you see the box your guttering is mounted on going around the bottom of the cover? The soffit is the underside with the box, as well as the fascias are the boards in the corners with the eaves. Attached to the soffits and fascias is your guttering. Guttering catches rainwater from the rooftop and takes it down to the bottom and drains, and that means you do not get all wet whenever you walk out of of your house. Scaffold towers make what could be one heck of a job into something much more manageable. Make sure you hire a scaffold tower for any week. If you have a two-storey house, you need to engage a 5.2-metre tower. With colour-coded braces that click in, wheels and stabilisers, and toe-boards that every magic together within an hour you may be using a face-off along with your fascias before you can say 'Ladders are rubbish'. Take Care of Your Gutters Cleaning your guttering regularly coming from a scaffold tower can give houses roof a fighting chance of holding off the rot, your property dry plus your walls clear with the evils of water. Once a year get up there and rake away the debris of the year's seasons. Always rake away from your downpipe, so you don't block it with more nests and instead gives off. You can get a specially designed rake that suits your guttering perfectly, making your job even simpler. Why not rig up a pulley system on the scaffold tower to pass through down the debris to your second-in-command on the ground... your scaffold tower negates the need for any bucket dangling on the top rung. Check your guttering carefully for breaks or deformities, secure place any slipped guttering or brackets, ensure your downpipe joins are all in order. When there is greater than a couple of things to fix, it's better to just replace everything - particularly if you must replace the soffits and fascias: the little champions of the guttering world. Fascias and Soffits The fascias' job is usually to secure the guttering to be sure that the rainwater drains properly from the rooftop. Overhanging the walls will be the soffits, that will have ventilation holes based on modern building standards. The holes keep the cover aired therefore the wood isn't damaged by damp. Damage normally include: water blown or splashed from the gutter rots timber fascias - something you would be unlikely to see from your earlier peek out of the window. Even if you have recently painted your home there is a large chance you'll not have painted over the gutters - just underneath - which opens the fascia around the potential risk of rot. DON'T whatever you decide and do just stick a plastic cap around the exposed or rotting fascia; whilst it may look nicer for a while, all you'd do is encourage the rot to spread. Old wooden fascias and soffits, and guttering created from not plastic means you enter serious need of your day at the DIY shop!