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3 qb hits Playing well into the second half, Jones missed his share of open targets and threw for just four yards per pass. Finishing 15 of 32 for 128 yards with a pick, Jones devolved as the game waged on. He couldn't deliver a touchdown on a first and goal from the Minnesota 2, but we'll blame that on a wide open James dropping the ball on fourth down. [3]When he was twelve years old, Wedman's midget league basketball team won the city championship. Wedman was not a varsity starter until his Senior year, wholesale hockey jerseys discount nhl jerseys free shipping (visit Allievibpdtxh 5 Mee here >>) when a growth spurt invigorated his game.

He averaged 19 points a game and made All State.[1]Kansas City Kings[edit]Wedman was a proficient shooter.