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Stop Smoking Cannabis - Save Yourself From Lung Disease Stop smoking cannabis now or face severe health conditions. No matter what you've got heard before, smoking cannabis can be a dangerous habit which can be quite costly coming from a health perspective. Cannabis contains harmful chemicals that affect your lungs and breathing. For people which have been smoking this drug regularly for 10 or more years you may be experiencing and enjoying the following problems;

Heavy breathing, wheezing along with a strong cough

 Chronic bronchitis. Have you got a chest x-ray done recently?
 Memory loss. Are you more forgetful? Do you've got a not enough concentration?
 Tiredness. Do you're feeling tired on a regular basis, no drive and no energy?
 Do you are feeling anxiety, depression and seriously unwell?
 Are you pregnant and smoking cannabis? Stop now. Your fetus may be afflicted with cannabis smoking.
 Smoking http://investment.pe.hu/story.php?title=cbdcartridgewholesale-kulashopbuy-the-best-vape-cartridgevape-shopcdb-cartridge-wholesale-vape-wholesale-19 marijuana features a negative relation to fertility

If you stop smoking marijuana you can find withdrawal symptoms you should be alert to. For example, you may feel angry and extremely irritable. The high you employed to get from smoking the drug has stopped. What you need to do is replace that feeling you utilized to get from smoking marijuana with another activity, obtain a positive high feeling from doing something more important. You may think this is impossible to do, but usually you can do this. You need to recognize that whenever you were born you're not smoking drugs. It is not something that is natural for the body of a human. It can be a habit you might have become enslaved by with time.