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They can grow in several soil types, be any size or configuration you love it, have a very fascinating background can also help your headache. It's graceful branches dramatically reaching toward the earth have inspired poets and possess been a topic of mythology for thousands of years. It has been a desire for poets and scholars alike. Authors from Hans Christian Anderson, William Shakespeare, and J.K. Rowling have mused regarding the grand willow. Willows have appeared in the Bible, ancient Persian literature, old Japanese landscape designers perth fables, Native American mythology as well as in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord in the Rings. There are about 400 different species that form the genus Salix. They primarily can be found in moist soils and temperate regions with the northern hemisphere. Willows have abundant, watery sap. Their bark is soft, flexible with tough wood underneath. Their roots will often be large, fibrous and quite invasive. It is always smart to plant them from underground pipes and foundations. One reason I love utilizing weeping willow trees is the fact that you are able to plant them almost anywhere. They prefer moist soils nonetheless they can grow in a number of conditions including acidic, alkaline, moist, rich, sandy, and in many cases clay soils. They especially like to have "wet feet" and will be planted in areas that usually hold standing water. Willows may be ordered coming from a nursery that is certainly out of state and survive the trip to your doorway. With a little tender loving care they'll grow and prosper. The most care should be given if planting in a dry area with little rainfall. The most important care is to water the young willow consistently for the first couple of to a few years. The trick is to water for long periods of time therefore the water penetrates deep in the soil. I have found that (with regards to the climate) watering 2 times a week for about 3 hours will train the roots to dig deep. What you exactly what is the roots to find natural ponds with a deeper level. Do not water frequently for brief periods of time. This will train the roots to be shallow. Another reason I really enjoy utilizing this storied tree is because are very fast growing. In the fresh some may grow 3-4 feet Each year you'll be able to rely on at the very least 2-3 feet of vertical growth. If you have a very large area to fill out a weeping willow tree will grow to 30-40 feet of vertical growth. The graceful drooping branches will shade large areas if desired. If you want to shape devoid of the bulk, prying and shaping these trees can be extremely easy. They will forgive an improper trim if necessary they might be propagated with just c clipping. Simply cut a branch of young growth 2-3 feet long and set it inside a container of water. In about 2-3 weeks you will see roots growing through the base. When there are adequate roots you can plant the branch in a very pot. The weeping willow tree is mainly valued because of its ornamental value. Although it has a big list of medicinal and commercial uses.