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US media: Harlem is stronger than Bryant Lake Title Loaded From File Lakers unscrupulous array of rockets Tencent Sports News Beijing on January 9, the Rockets beat the Lakers 125-112 at home, the media after the match was commented on the campaign, Harlem combination was praised strong in Bryant (microblogging) Nash duo. Associated Press: Booker lift the third section of the frenzy beat the Lakers Rockets in the first half was 14 points behind, but they successfully achieved a big comeback. Houston regiment in the third quarter hit consecutive two-wave offensive climax, first a 10-2 tied the score, followed by a 23-11 overtake the Lakers 12 points control game. In the 23-11 attack wave, Jeremy Lin (microblogging) played an important role, he got 9 points and Harden joined forces to reverse the rocket led the Rockets off the winning fruit. ESPN: Lakers can not block the high-speed rocket Lakers today's lineup is not in place, Howard injured his right shoulder, Gasol concussion symptoms, Jordan - Hill buttocks injured, the three insider generals did not debut this campaign. The Lakers played in the residual array despite a 14-point lead, but they are still defeated in the attack. The Lakers can not keep up with the rocket speed, whenever the Houston regiment to advance rapidly, the Zijin army's defense will be pierced, Howard and Gasol's injury to make their defense greatly reduced. Houston Chronicle: Rockets fired three consecutive Rockets Rift Lakers made five straight, the team once again demonstrated in the game tenacious fighting spirit, 14 points behind the victory. This is already the third consecutive rocket reversal in the case of backward double-digit win, this season they completed seven such a big comeback. Orange County Chronicle Reporter Kevin - D: Harlem combination stronger than Kobe Bryant Lakers lose reason is very simple, Howard and Pau Gasol hangout card case, the Lakers rely on Kobe Bryant and Nash combination of victory, but For today's match, Harden and Jeremy Lin duo performed better. Harden scored 31 points in 13 consecutive games 25 +, Jeremy Lin contributed 19 points, Bryant and Nash got a total of 36 points. LakersNation: Bryant misfortune Lakers miss Austrian fat Facts prove Bryant is not Superman, he also play disorders, the Lakers headed star in this game only 22 of 22 shots to get 20 points, 27 consecutive 27 + stop. Bryant scored 10 points less than the season average in a truce between Howard and Gasol. How could the Lakers win? It is undeniable that the Lakers are really hard today, but they are not good enough as a team. If the Lakers still have the peak O'Neill (microblogging) like, put him on the court all the problems are solved. (coin)