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Ke a balance involving a level of management that afforded various possibilities, and for access that felt and was perceived as wilder and significantly less managed. Participants utilized the term unmanaged to not mean http://www.ehsqcorp.ca/members/degree31cord/activity/396557/ neglect but to imply a wood which was constructed as additional natural i.e., it was not apparent that significantly management was taking location. For some participants, the 4 woodland websites could act as starting points and following gaining self-assurance some felt they could branch out further to less managed spaces. My dad would favor to be out within the wild walking on a path that hasn`t been walked in two years or whatever, you understand I would be pretty capable to walk that sort of terrain, I'd be with him on that, you know Okay, I would come to right here as a beginning point and go off away from all the managed stuff and almost everything simply because then you would get in to the wildlife (Birches Valley AM group). Quieter areas afforded possibilities for enhancing mental well-being through experiencing peace, reflecting on life and becoming away from others: I`m searching for areas where I can go and hide away, the old isolation (Shorne volunteer group). Other individuals felt that with careful organizing web-sites that were common and heavily used which include Shorne Woods and Birches Valley could nevertheless offer solitude and escape. Life stage also appears to become an important issue that impacts how some people`s preferences, for managed vs. all-natural woodlands, alter. that is not the sort of location I'd choose to come now, at the time of my life where I'm mainly because I`m young and I don`t possess a household and I don`t have young children. None from the items right here interest me but I could see a point in the future where, when I do have a loved ones, that this will be a beautiful spot to bring children and it may be some thing I would use at that stage of my life, but exactly where I'm now I do want to be away from youngsters primarily, I want the quiet and all that...I'd pick out someplace that was a little bit bit wilder (Birches Valley AM group). Some participants argued that improvements to well being and well-being at times expected an environment that gave a perceived degree of physical and mental challenge, and that the design of web-sites and the provision of infrastructure really should be informed by all, not just these with specific access specifications. You will get a person such as myself within a wheelchair coming [to the site] and going, I can`t do that slope but if they take the slope out, then you're just going by way of woods and it wouldn't be countryside, you can`t have and make everywhere accessible, there`s got to be some... place where you struggle to acquire to and that`s half the point of it, you understand (Birches Valley AM group). Our research shows that people display a range of preferences for trees and woodland, versus open green spaces with clear views. Despite the fact that there is a general sense of appreciation for trees and woodedInt.