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The Acorn 80 Stairlift comprises a seat (1) and footrest (6), mounted on a motor driven carriage (9). All Stairlifts are provided with a Seatbelt (11) The Stairlift is operated with a Holding Switch (3) and a Direction Controller (12). Pressure Sensitive Edges (5 & 6) stop the Stairlift if they strike an obstruction. Seat Swivel Release Paddles (10) allow the User to swivel the seat around when alighting and dismounting. The arms (2), seat and footrest can be folded up when the lift is not in use to give access past the Stairlift. The carriage runs on a support rail (8) fitted to one side of the staircase. Charging Plates (7) automatically re-charge the internal batteries when the Stairlift is parked.Rechargeable batteries, located inside the carriage, power the 24 volt direct-current (DC) motors. Internal motors include the main drive motor, levelling mechanism motor and optional powered items. A hinged rail section may be fitted to allow access past the lift at the bottom of the stairs. A Diagnostic Display (4) provides information during normal operation and programming, together with a comprehensive list of codes should a fault occur. The carriage comprises a power bogie (PB) and a levelling bogie (LB) mounted on a common frame (F). The carriage is held square on the rail by side rollers (S) on both power and levelling bogies. The downward weight of the power bogie is taken on the support wheel (SW) running on the bottom of rail (R). The support wheel may bear against underside of the rail when negotiating vertical bends. The downward weight of the levelling bogie is taken on the top roller (TR) running on the rail (R). The drive motor (DM) rotates a pinion (P) on a rack to drive the carriage along the rail. The levelling motor (LM) adjusts the frame to maintain the seat upright when moving over vertical bends. An over-speed governor (OSG) will activate and stop the carriage in the case of an uncontrolled stairlift servicing, stairlift repairing manchester and liverpool descent