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According to some sources, all 275 Jews of Zakynthos survived the war. Both had been later recognized as Righteous among the many Nations by Yad Vashem. In contrast, over 80% of Greek Jews were deported to demise camps and perished within the Holocaust. The significance of this alliance for Athens was that it provided them with a source of tar. The Athenian trireme fleet needed safety from rot, decay and the teredo, so this new source of tar was valuable to them.

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Others embody Georgios Tertsetis (1800–1873, politician, poet, and historian). An early literary work from the island is the Rimada, a 16th-century romance in verse about Alexander the Great. https://www.inventables.com/users/hongrode3564 The inhabitants of Zakynthos suffers from an exceptionally high price of declared blindness of about 1.8%. The Bay of Laganas is the location of the primary National Marine Park and the prime nesting area for loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean. The gentle Mediterranean climate and plentiful winter rainfall endow the island with dense vegetation.
The principal agricultural merchandise are olive oil, currants, grapes and citrus fruit. The Zante currant is a small sweet seedless grape that's native to the island.
Towards the top of the 18th century, the so-called Heptanese School of Literature developed, consisting mainly of lyrical and satirical poetry in the vein of Romanticism prevalent all through Europe at the time. An necessary poet of this school was Zakynthian Dionysios Solomos; one other was Nikolaos Koutouzis, who additionally figures prominently in the Heptanese School of Painting.

    Vassilikos - A quiet village within the south east on the Vassilikos penninsula. Here there are actually no major resorts and simply apartments, villas together with restaurants and tavernas. It has far more of a small village feel to it, has no nightclubs or different leisure as is the place to search for a extra relaxing, quiet vacation. Slightly to the north is Agios Nikolaos where there are lots of watersports, basic scuba diving and a buisier place. The pebble seashore and coast area at Limniou Keri, the village of Keri itself within the mountains and additional west the lighthouse of Keri which is popular with vacationers who need to see a sunset.

    The tar was dredged up from the bottom of a lake using leafy myrtle branches tied to the ends of poles. It was then collected in pots and could be carried to the beach and swabbed directly onto ship hulls. Alternatively, the tar could be shipped to the Athenian naval yard at the Piraeus for storage. The Zakynthians are then enumerated among the autonomous allies of Athens within the disastrous Sicilian expedition.

    Freshwater assets on Zakynthos are limited, and consequently a Greek-Norwegian educational collaboration is being established on the island. The Science Park Zakynthos is a collaboration between the Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands , the Norwegian University of Life Sciences , and the Therianos Villas and Therianos Family Farm on Zakynthos. The island has one airport, Zakynthos International Airport (on former GR-35) which connects flights with different Greek airports and quite a few vacationer charters. The island is covered by a network of roads, particularly the flat eastern part, with major routes linking the capital with Volimes on north, Keri on the south, and peninsula Vassiliki on the west. The street between Volimes and Lithakia is the spine of the western half of the island.