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Impotence problems will be the inability to sustain an erection sufficient for intercourse also it affects an incredible number of men worldwide.

The word "impotence" is usually avoided from the medical professions because it may refer to any number of different problems - e.g. loss of libido, ejaculation problems, or the wherewithal to orgasm.

Erection dysfunction may be the result of a number of reasons. It was commonly thought to be as a result of psychological problems (psychogenic) but it's now known that 80 to 90 % is caused by physical problems (organic), usually associated with the circulation of your penis.

It will always be quite simple to establish whether an erectile problem is physical since the majority of men experience erections while asleep (when psychological factors are minimal). Medical professionals search for nocturnal erections through the use of high-tech equipment but there's a low-tech alternative you can look at in your own home, called the postage stamp test.

Have a strip of postage stamps, wrap it snugly round the lower flaccid penis, overlapping the ends and creating a sealed loop. If the loop is broken in the morning, this usually indicates there is a nocturnal erection. Whilst this test is easy and cheap, it's not completely accurate so speak to your doctor for further accurate tests.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction range from: Alcohol Chronic diseases, especially renal failure and dialysis Depression Diabetes Drugs - use and abuse High degrees of blood cholesterol Hormonal Abnormalities Hypertension (hypertension) Lack of sexual knowledge Vascular disease and vascular surgery Peyronie's disease (distortion or curvature of your penis) Poor sexual techniques Priapism (inflammation of your penis) Prostate problems Poor interpersonal relationships Smoking Vertebrae injury

I talk to hundreds of impotent men weekly. Some are struggling with stress, diabetes or perhaps the results of advancing age or illness. Typically I can enable them to.

How to treat impotence problems

Creams and lotions

Most of the impotence problems lotions and creams on the market may have a very positive effect, using the majority designed to stimulate the flow of blood to the penis.

Vacuum therapy and Best penis rings

Many erectile dysfunction clinics around the globe actively promote using vacuum developers as a means of treatment. Vacuum developers are successful in producing erections, even though other remedies didn't work. Some couples are attracted with a way in which doesn't involve using drugs. When the couple decide on a vacuum developer his or her management of first choice, most will be very satisfied as the most reluctant penis usually succumbs to the attention from the pump.

The resulting erection is retained through a penis ring as well as the new found erection offer the required use. Utilized in conjunction with specialist erection dysfunction creams, excellent results may be accomplished.